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An actress with a lovely temperament, a punctilious wren, who knows how to restore youthful wonders and disenchantments, from Dream to Dream it lives, and will continue to live the tactile and evanescent dream of the theatre.

After having just graduated from Academy, she was given the role of Hermia, a little girl crazy for love, lively and disobedient, sad and angry. However, that's not all because we also find Silvia Pernarella in the role of Jessica the daughter of Shylock's "Merchant of Venice" always directed by Ronconi in 2009. Another chance, another qualitative growth. Adaptable, Silvia is a sweet and cruel Jessica.

She plays Helma a wife sadly addicted to indifference, a resigned wife. Quite touching.

This season Silvia Pernarella convinced everyone with her role in Botho Strauss's "Der Park" with Peter Stein's directing, where she interpreted the character of Helma who , with her beautiful monologue played with a sense of painful renunciation, seems to embody, that resignation and disillusionment that seem to permeate this rereading, this reinterpretation that the German author gives of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. Another side of this young actress.

Eleonora Duse Award - Honorable Mention

Best young actress

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Starsystem Interview

February 14, 2023

DER PARK - A spectacular show

We need people who can understand, ask questions, do not seek easy solutions only because they are forced to go on stage. (Italian Only)

Megamagazine Interview

January 12, 2023

Someting about me.​ (Italian Only)

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