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Silvia Pernarella ph. Andrea Piacquadio



After graduating at Piccolo Theatre in Milan - Drama School  in 2008, she worked in Piccolo Theatre productions for five consecutive years. She was directed by Luca Ronconi in the "A Midnight Summer Night's Dream" in the role of Hermia and in "The Merchants of Venice" in the role of Jessica.

Amongst others she worked with Carmelo Rifici, Serena Sinigaglia, Stefano de Luca, Claudio Longhi, Marco Plini, Daniele Salvo, Peter Stein, Federico Tiezzi, Massimo Popolizio.


She was in several productions of Binario7 in Monza, Teatro Filodrammatici, Out Off, Teatro Sala Fontana, Marche Stable, Como Theatre, ERT, Teatro Greco di Siracusa, Biondo di Palermo, Piccolo Teatro di Milano and Teatro Argentina di Roma.

She cooperated with Igor Sibaldi in some theatrical performances and many seminars across Italy and she is the lead actress in his latest play, Dionysus.


From 1989 she incorporated dancing and singing to her curriculum.

She played te role of Helma in Peter Stein's last show, Der Park, on tour at Piccolo Teatro in Milan and in 2016 she interpreted Carmen in Pasolini's Calderon under direction of Federico Tiezzi followed by her interpretation of The Dog in Pasolini's play directed by Massimo Popolizio, produced by Teatro Argentina in Rome.


She won the Duse Award - Best Emerging Actress 2015, the first prize of the Prosa Salicedoro International Competition in the first edition, and the Sonia Bonacina Competition with the monologue "re - surface" (as actress and producer ) directed by Marcela Serli; she had a nomination in the Virginia Reiter 2015 prize and two in the Hystrio Award.


On screen, she is had the lead role in Milano Milano presented at 48th MilanoFilmFestival2012, for which she won the Best Interpretation Award. Furthermore she had the lead role in "La Diva" directed by Carlo Ballauri,  winner of the Best Foreign Short and Short Short Film at the Carmarthen bay Festival in Wales and at the Neo Noir Film Festival in Los Angeles 2014.


The other side...

I was born on May 10, 1987.


I am an Aladiyha, which entails having Yod Energy, as actors and doctors have. The greatest actors and directors in history were born between 6th and 10th May (Rodolfo Valentino, Gary Cooper, Rossellini, Orson Welles, for example), as well as Freud, Robespierre and Evita Peron. The name ‘Aladiyah’ means "my power grows by giving" meaning that my success is due to my ability to give and to identify obstacles that withdraw generosity and discover ways to overcome them.

I need to develop alliances and dependencies. Not too bad: I bring luck to those who decide to burden themselves by taking me by the hand. It’s all a matter of trust (lol).

If this isn't clear, read the Book of Angels (no, not the ones with wings...) written by Igor Sibaldi. It will give you a new perspective.

I’ve recently discovered I am a Manifestor in the Human Design "Rave Chart": this means I can do new things or in a new way. It’s hard to understand and restrain a Manifestor, as they are quite the anarchists. I have found that nobody should lie to me because the truth will present right under my nose even if I do not want it to (oh yes…). And that mistakes are a blessing in my life: thanks to that, I can improve myself and nothing is ever lost, even more so than for anyone else. What I say can be hurtful or may have more weight than what I expect, so I should give advice and consider my words more than other people.

If you want to know more about the Human Design, click here.

I'm a Taurus with Libra ascendant, like Letitia Casta and Madame de Staël: I just love beautiful things. It means I have an artistic side and a highly developed “business acumen”. I am a deep and reflexive lady :)

With Moon in Aries and Venus in Cancer, the picture is complete: it seems I am passionate, energetic as Marlon Brando, romantic and sensitive as Natalie Portman. That's it.

I am a Segnatrice – the Italian version of a Southern American Curandera – and I'm training to become an expert in Esoteric Numerology. I read the Tarots, Runes and Kumalak. And even if I do it for fun, I can count on a vivid and implacable intuition.

 I know I'm a healer, and one of my life tasks is to "improve other people’s lives through my creativity, great talent, and through ‘communication’". Eight people support me in this idea, eight Holistic Experts keep reminding me of that; whilst I, with implacable logic, try not to let them persuade me… in vain, of course. I usually have to deal with the fact that people see me as "not enough" in situations where I do not understand how to get out of the "shell" yet.

Everything I’ve just explained may seem ridiculous and it may make you smile, but all the studies that one decides to undergo are tools and mirrors to know who you are dealing with: I think this is the best way to improve your own life. Do you agree?

Some people only want to deal with astrologers, some only with God, others only with psychologists and others still only with their own parents… I have my own way.


Every strange and unusual information I find gives sense to many choices I previously made, and I can’t help but wonder if another discovery awaits me.

I read a lot; I travel a lot. Do not ask me who is my favourite actor. Instead, ask me about my favourite artists, I can recount as many as you like.

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